Decisions & Appeal Bodies

In Red Deer County, there are several different governing bodies who may be involved in determining the future of a particular planning, development, subdivision or rezoning application. Below is a brief explanation of each group, and the decisions they make.

Development Authority Decisions

The Municipal Government Act provides that any person or persons may appeal the decision of the Development Authority within fourteen days of the date of the decision being advertised by paying the required appeal fee, and by filing an appeal in writing against the decision with the Red Deer County Subdivision & Development Appeal Board, 38106 Range Road 275, Red Deer County, Alberta T4S 2L9. For further information contact the Planning and Development Department at 403.350.2170.

January 25, 2018 - Bedrock Homes Ltd. - Approval for a 0.42 meter rear yard setback relaxation from 7.5 meters to 7.08 meters for a duplex on Lot 102, Block 6, Plan 1723061

February 5, 2018 - Ortlieb, Raymond & Erica - Approval for a second dwelling unit on NW 27-37-26-4.  The existing mobile home will be removed when the new residence is complete.

February 19, 2018 -  Warner, Ida. - Approval for a 1.71 meter side yard setback relaxation from 7.5 meters to 5.79 meters and a 0.3 meter rear yard setback relaxation for an existing garage from 7.5 meters to 7.2 meters Lot A, Plan 3432NY within the SW 16-38-26-4.

e Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) makes decisions concerning all development applications that are considered discretionary. They examine all aspects of the application, the bylaw, the environment and the concerns of adjacent landowners prior to making a decision. The MPC may be made up of Red Deer County Council members, members of outside agencies, other knowledgeable individuals or any combination of these groups. To find out more about what is considered a discretionary development, please consult the Land Use Bylaw, or contact the Planning and Development Department at 403.350.2170

Red Deer County Council
Red Deer County Council makes decisions regarding all statutory documents such as area structure plans, subdivision applications, and re-zoning (re-designation) applications. Council bases its decisions on a number of criteria, including but not limited to the Land Use Bylaw, recommendations of the Development Officer, environmental considerations and the concerns of adjacent landowners. For more information on the subdivision or re-designation process, please contact the Planning and Development Department at 403.350.2170.
The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB)
Should a client disagree with a decision made by one of the previous authorities, they can appeal those decisions through the SDAB. The SDAB is a quasi-judicial committee appointed by County Council that has the authority to amend or overturn subdivision decisions of the Municipal Planning Commission or a Development Officer.

Red Deer County's SDAB is composed of 5 members appointed for a 2-year term by resolution of Council, with any member serving not more than 2 consecutive terms. No person who is a Development Officer or a member of the Municipal Planning Commission may serve on the SDAB. Since Council is the Municipal Planning Commission, no Council members sit on the SDAB. Application must be made in writing, and submitted along with a $400 appeal fee to Nancy Lougheed, Legislative Services Manager.

For more information on the appeal process, contact Nancy Lougheed at 403.350.2150.