2017 Candidates

Red Deer County offered all candidates the opportunity to provide a Candidate Profile for posting on the County’s website and publishing in the County News. As a result, the profiles provided are the views of the candidates. Red Deer County does not endorse any of the comments provided.


2017 - Mayor - Debra Hanna

Debra Hanna - Mayoral Candidate

Phone: 403.506.8601
Email: debra_hanna@outlook.com

I bring questions to the table as candidate for Mayor. In answering questions, change can happen. Unless procedures are questioned; outdated, time-consuming procedures continue. I want simplicity of procedures. I want to see approval of development with NO conditions. As Mayor, I will encourage Council to question: - Why have staffing numbers doubled in the last 10 years, which resulted in salaries and vehicles also doubling in the last 10 years. - Why have contracted expenses remained the same? Have the contractors kept their rates the same for 10 years? Doubtful! - Why are county residents frustrated with complicated procedures for straight-forward development? A majority vote of Council creates change, approves the budget, and sets policy. I will strive to create change, to promote fiscal responsibility, and to lead the Council for next four years. On October 16 - Vote Debra Hanna - Mayor

2017 - Mayor - Jim Wood

Jim Wood - Mayoral Candidate

Home: 403.773.2215
Phone: 403.596.4189
Email: jimjwood@gmail.com

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve you on council for the last 13 years. The future is bright for Red Deer County. We are in a strong financial position with millions in reserves, debt free this budget cycle. We are efficient and mindful of spending your money and continue to improve our infrastructure at a pace we can afford. We have accomplished this with no tax rate increases during the last three years. We need to continue to foster the great relationship and partnerships with our neighboring municipalities to provide you the services we cannot afford to do alone. Mayor is a demanding position; it requires a strong knowledge and ability as a leader to listen to you, work with council and the CAO to accomplish the goals of council, an ability to speak at public events and with the media, and to have a vision for future generations, I am the candidate to best serve you. I enjoy the position of Mayor and will continue to provide the strong proven leadership, experience and vision necessary to keep Red Deer County the best place to live in the world. I ask for your vote


2017 - Div 1 - Philip Massier

Philip Massier - Division 1 - ACCLAIMED

Phone: 403.749.2956
Email: pmassier@rdcounty.ca


2017 - Div 2 - Jean Bota

Jean Bota - Division 2

Phone: 403.396.4408
Email: canyon28@hotmail.com

It has been an honor to represent the residents of Division 2, comprised of agriculture, business/industry and residential acreage owners. The last four years have been very busy and as council we have made tremendous progress, however much remains to be continued: I envision safe and strong communities; through education, strong community associations and collaboration with law enforcement and crime prevention groups. Continue to ADVOCATE for the changes to our criminal/justice systems with our Provincial and Federal counterparts. To promote our agriculture industry and our conservation/ stewardship programs. Continued collaboration with neighbouring municipalities/villages/towns. When they are strong, we are all strong. Ensure our economic development continues to look at increased growth/changing demographics/ urban development and expanding industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. Acknowledge our growing and diverse population. Leadership and fiscal responsibility when planning for future infrastructure that will benefit future communities/generations without affecting present service levels and taxes. I welcome your vote on October 16, 2017

2017 - Div 2 - Edward Collins

Edward Collins - Division 2

Home: 403.314.1870
Phone: 403.304.1042
Email: collinse@xplornet.com

I was raised on a mixed farm in southern Saskatchewan, married in 1967 and raised a daughter and two sons on the family farm. We took out our first permit book in 1968 and in 1982 my wife and I took over the farm that operated 3000 acres of grain land, we also had 100 cows and marketed most of the calves through our butcher shop. I served on municipal council from 1990 until 2002. My time on council was very rewarding as I enjoy meeting with the public. We sold the farm in 2002 and moved to Red Deer County in 2003. Here I began a small storage shed business. With my farming back ground and now experience in small business, I will be able to have a positive influence on our county. I will serve all the ratepayers of Red Deer County with utmost integrity.


2017 - Div 3 - Don Church

Don Church - Division 3

Home: 403.340.2092
Phone: 403.392.0297
Email: dchurch@platinum.ca

As County Councillor of Division 3 for the past 4 years, maintaining agricultural farmland, diversifying the County and maintaining Economic stability have been my goals. I have resided in Red Deer County for 30 years during which time I was the owner/operator of Innisfail Veterinary Clinic, with my main interest in farm animals. I worked for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in Red Deer as District Veterinarian supervising the import and export of animals as well as the supervision and eradication of contagious diseases of animals. My wife, Wendy, and I have 4 sons and 5 grand children. I attended the University of Saskatchewan, completing a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. I was raised on a mixed farm in eastern Saskatchewan.  I have maintained an active interest in agriculture my entire life. Each year I sponsor scholarships for Agriculture or Veterinary Medicine students.

2017 - Div 3 - Dana Depalme

Dana Depalme - Division 3

Home: 403.342.1547
Cell: 403.872.1547
Email: danadepalme@xplornet.com

I have lived in Red Deer County for 18 years, working with my family on our 4th generation, family farm. Prior to farming I worked in Corporate Accounting. Currently I am involved in my families’ trophy/ribbon business operating in Central Alberta for 35 years. I am invested in my community as a 4-H leader, board member with Red Deer & District 4-H Beef Committee, and numerous committees within Sylvan Lake Minor Hockey. As a member of Council I will contribute knowledge of farming and business operations. I am committed to listening to community values and concerns, making sure residents’ viewpoints are represented, treating residents fairly and with respect, and promoting a healthy balance for residents, agriculture and development to ensure a solid foundation for our children and future generations. RESIDENTS are KEY to Red Deer County’s continued success to remain a great place to live, work and raise a family.


2017 - Div 4 - David Hoar

David Hoar - Division 4

Phone: 403.396.7155
Email: dvhoar@gmail.com
Facebook: David Hoar

I look forward to once again serving residents of Red Deer County and to be part of a strong council. I am prepared to listen to your concerns and share them at the council table. While campaigning one issue I am hearing loud and clear is the concern that county administration needs to be streamlined. In the past 10 years staff has increased by 50%. If elected I am prepared to ask council to direct administration to draft a budget to reduce operational spending by 10%. I would like to see county patrol make rural crime patrol a policing priority. An issue I personally find concerning is that county council is proposing a deficit budget of nearly $25 million from 2016 to 2019. I am seeking no other public office. Again I look forward to serving all Red Deer County constituents. Please vote: David Hoar

2017 - Div 4 - Connie Huelsman

Connie Huelsman - Division 4

Home: 403.224.3037
Cell: 403.350.7552
Email: huelsman2017@gmail.com

As your elected representative I am accountable to you! I am committed to being a strong advocate for sustainable safe communities. I have an excellent attendance record both at council and committee. As a past banker, I also know that fiscal responsibility is a major role council is tasked with. This allows us to be in a strong position for long term vision planning towards the future for our children and grandchildren. I am hardworking and approachable. I have listened to your concerns and ensured that they have been taken forward. I believe that the wisdom and experience I have gained over the past 4 years, supported by the people who have touched my life, make me a strong candidate to again represent and serve the residents of Red Deer County. I ask that you show your support by voting for me on October 16. Thank you!


2017 - Div 5 - Richard Lorenz (2)

Richard Lorenz - Division 5 - ACCLAIMED

Phone: 403.728.3285
Email: rlorenz@rdcounty.ca

I would like to thank Division 5 for the opportunity to once again serve as your councillor and I will represent you to the best of my ability. I am humbled that you place your trust in me. This is a responsibility that I do not take lightly and I will endeavour to represent you with the utmost transparency and respect. I would like to thank my family and friends for the unending support, but most of all, thank you to the voters in Division 5 for your support and I will continue to work for the betterment of the Red Deer County. I will put the needs and concerns of my constituents first and foremost. I look forward to serving you on Red Deer County Council, along with familiar or new faces on council. Together we will move our County forward, and make this a great place to live.


2017 - Div 6 - Pam Davidson

Pam Davidson - Division 6

Home: 403.346.2973
Phone: 403.352.2972
Email: pameladavidson4rdcounty@gmail.com
Facebook: Pamela Davidson for RD County Council

My name is Pamela Davidson and I have been a resident of Red Deer County for the past 14 years, both in Poplar Ridge and on a family run farm. Due to this I have been able to experience both the farming and acreage communities from within, learning what is important to both parts of our community. In that past, I have had the pleasure of helping to plan major events in Red Deer and the surrounding area. This has led to many contacts within different areas of influence and will enable me to be able to be a voice for the constituents of Red Deer County Division 6 if you chose to elect me as your next Councillor. I will use this experience, and that of raising 4 children, to be an accurate and passionate voice for the residents of Division 6.

2017 - Div 6 - Christine Moore

Christine Moore - Division 6

Home: 403.314.4084
Phone: 403.392.1279
Email: christinemoore18@gmail.com

It has been an honour to have represented you over the past 4 years and I ask for your continued support. I am very proud of the accomplishments of Red Deer County. We are recognized provincially as a leader and known as a responsible and responsive government with a well diversified economy rooted in agriculture. We have maintained high quality services without raising taxes, however there is still much work to be done. More than ever, experienced leadership is required to sustain the momentum needed to deal with ongoing resident concerns, for example criminal activity in our communities. I hope that my proven track record of hard work, availability and commitment to support you in every question or concern, demonstrates my dedication to you. On October 16, vote for experience, accountability, advocacy and continued resident engagement. Re-elect Christine Moore!

2017 - Div 6 - Laura Stephan

Laura Stephan - Division 6

Phone: 403.550.2237
Email: laurastephanfordiv.6@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaurafromRDCounty/
Website: www.votestephan.com

I am looking to represent Division 6 as a strong, sensible voice on Red Deer County Council.
I care about my community and I’m committed to making it better. I will bring passion and commitment to Red Deer County and ensure that ratepayers get the best value for their tax dollars. Red Deer County represents a unique cohort of people - farmers, acreage owners, hamlets and businesses. Each group and individuals has an important perspective and interests that need to be represented in the County. If elected as a County Councillor, I will; - promote safety and security for all County residents. - be cost-conscious and recognize the value of residents’ taxes. - promote the mandate to ensure County taxes are low. - thoroughly research the issues before making decisions. - be committed to the residents of Red Deer County and not run for any other forms of government while serving as a County Councillor.

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