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#StayHome Superheroes

  1. Sirens for StayHome Superheroes (1)

  2. Every day heroes are working hard to fight the spread of COVID-19 in Red Deer County, including our healthcare workers, first responders, essential services workers and…you! By staying home, you’re doing your part as a superhero too!

    We know it’s tough – superheroes are normally out fighting bad guys to save their family and friends – but you don’t need a cape to be recognized for being amazing.

    The #StayHome Superheroes program wants to recognize your superhero efforts in protecting others by staying home during your birthday with a drive-by visit from our first responders.

  3. Program details:

    • Superhero recognition is available for County residents having a birthday turning between 1 and 18 years of age during COVID-19 public health restrictions

    • Superhero tributes will occur once per week, pending availability (responding to emergencies might change / delay superhero tributes)

    • Superhero tribute submissions must be received no later than Friday the week before the birthday / tribute to qualify (week is Monday to Sunday)

    • Our superhero coordinator will contact the parent / guardian to confirm address and let them know the planned date & time of the superhero tribute

  4. Please note: the program coordinator will follow up with applicants from each week on the following Monday. Please ensure to be available at the contact number provided.

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