Residential Garbage Collection

Residential garbage

Residential garbage collection service is available to the hamlets of Springbrook, Spruce View, Benalto, Dickson, Markerville, the Summer Villages of Jarvis Bay and Norglenwold, and the multi-lot residential subdivisions within the Red Deer County Fire District.

Collection Schedule

Balmoral Heights
Blindman Ridge
Canyon Heights
Bonnydale Estates
 Liberty Landing
Jarvis Bay
Country Lane Estates
Border Ridge Estates  
Forest Green
Herder  Corner Gate Estates  
 Spruce View  Joffre Bridge Flemming  

Linn Valley
Green Acres  
Harvey Heights  
  Meadow Ridge
Hillside Meadows  
  Oakwood Estates
Louis Victor  
  Paulice Gold
Mission Hills  
  Springvale Heights Misty Ridge  
  Stone Ridge Estates Mountainview Estates  
  Westview Estates Northlane Estates  
  Westview Estates Poplar Ridge  
River Country Estates  
    Spruce Lane Acres  
    Sylvan Creek Estates  
    Valley Ridge Estates  
    Wolf River  
    Woodland Hills 

Collection Regulations

  • Garbage containers are to be out by your driveway no later than 7:00 AM the day of your pickup.
  • Garbage must be brought to the edge of your property line on the approach entrance.
  • Garbage may be in containers commonly referred to as "Garbage Cans."
  • A garbage can must not be higher than 3 feet, or 91 cm.
  • A garbage can must have a proper lid that is designed to latch on or remain closed while waiting for pickup. This is to reduce the effects of animals and weather.
  • A garbage can loaded with waste must not weight more than 55 pounds (25 kg).
  • Cardboard boxes or plastic bags may be used for the disposal of grass clippings and garden produce toppings or similar material and must be of a size that can be comfortable handled by one person.
  • The maximum number of cans, bags, or boxes of any combination thereof that may be set out for collection is 5.
  • Red Deer County waste collection contractors reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to refuse collection of any and all items that are deemed unacceptable for pickup.

Not Accepted

Items that would be considered unacceptable for residential garbage collection include, but are not limited to:
  • Soil and dirt
  • Paint cans
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture or appliances
  • Toxic waste of any kind
  • Old lawn mowers or other equipment
  • Gasoline or used oil
  • Car parts of any kind
  • Tires and batteries
  • Brush and tree branches
  • Electronic equipment
  • Building materials or renovation materials
  • Sharps such as needles, broken glass or mirrors