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Farm Emergency plan

The Farm Emergency Plan template lets farmers, producers and landowners create their own emergency plan to keep their family members, employees, contractors or visitors safe in the case of an emergency or disaster situation. The template contains many references to livestock, but can be adapted for any farming operation to mitigate the hazards to buildings, people or commodities. County Emergency Management staff are available to guide or assist in completing the plan if needed. This plan is personal to each farm operation, so producers can make it fit their own needs.

Download the free Farm Emergency Plan fillable PDF


Is your family prepared? If an emergency happens in your community, it may take emergency workers some time to reach you as they respond first to those in greatest need. For information on getting prepared, evacuation or shelter in place, please visit the Government of Canada website. Do you know how to shelter-in-place? Watch our video guide on sheltering-in-place


Emergency Logistics Canada

Red Deer County is incorporating EMLCanada.ca in how we manage logistics activities in preparation for and response during disasters and emergency activations.

Red Deer County businesses can activate a LOCAL business listing with NO ANNUAL FEES on the platform to help Red Deer County maintain an updated version of our Emergency Logistics Vendor List. Membership is not mandatory, and is not required to remain a vendor in Red Deer County's Emergency Plan, but it is strongly encouraged as a way of consolidating as many resources as possible into one virtual platform.

LEARN MORE about EMLCanada.ca - a direct connect to emergency management organizations: Business Portal



For events in Red Deer County it is beneficial to share information with First Responders like County Fire, Patrol, and the RCMP to minimize or prevent the loss of life and property. Please refer to the bylaw for a list of exempted public events that do not require an application fee. If you have any questions, please click the contact link below to email publicevents@rdcounty.ca or call 403.348.2036.

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Red Deer County's Emergency Management Team is comprised of staff, contracted agencies and Regional and Mutual Aid partners. The County Center is also home to a state of the art Emergency Coordination Center (ECC), which not only serves as a place for the County's emergency management staff to operate effectively in times of crisis, but is also available to other municipalities to utilize.

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Alberta Emergency Alert


Alberta Emergency Alerts are issued by the communities where a disaster or emergency is occurring. By signing up to receive this information directly, you will be better informed about potential risks to your health, safety or community. Sign up for Alberta Emergency Alerts.