Red Deer County Patrol

Patrol Vehicles

Red Deer County Patrol Officers enforce Red Deer County Bylaws and selected provincial statutes. Enforcement priorities are the protection of the County road infrastructure, safe movement of traffic throughout the County, and assisting the County Development Department in the enforcement of the Land Use Bylaw.

Go to our video page and see a profile on County Enforcement.


Property owners in Red Deer County can book a CPTED assessment free of charge by contacting Red Deer County Patrol at 403-343-6301 or by emailing with the subject line "CPTED Request". 

Modifying your property can help reduce the opportunity for crime & create Farm Houseenvironments which enable people to manage their own safety & security effectively. Potential offenders look for opportunity so reducing the opportunities reduces the likelihood of potential crime. A CPTED assessment will give you practical suggestions you can implement on your property to reduce the likelihood of crime. Review / download our printable CPTED brochure here.


Dog complaints and inquiries may be directed to County Patrol at 403.343.6301.

To report animal abuse or neglect, contact SPCA at 1.800.455.9003 or visit the Alberta SPCA’s website


Red Deer county patrol - register complaint

If you are a Red Deer County resident, you can use this form to submit a complaint to Red Deer County Patrol. Click here to access the complaint form.

Please be as specific as possible with your information. The more information that we have to follow up on, the better.