Pest Management

Red Deer County is responsible for protecting the agricultural productivity of the municipality by controlling or eradicating native and introduced pests. Private landowners are also accountable for controlling or eradicating pests on their properties.

Agricultural pests and nuisances are defined under the Agricultural Pest Act as any animal, bird, insect, plant or disease which negatively impacts agricultural production.

The Agricultural Pest Act directs that declared Agricultural Pests must be eradicated, while Agricultural Nuisances may be controlled as directed in the Agricultural Pest and Nuisance Control Regulation.

red deer county programs to help control and manage agricultural pests & Nuisances:

  1. Clubroot
  2. Gophers (Richardson Ground Squirrels)
  3. Coyotes
  4. Rats
  5. Wild Boar
  6. Dutch Elm Disease

For information on Clubroot in Red Deer County, please visit our Clubroot webpage.

  1. Aquatic Invasives
  2. Wildlife
  3. Fish & Wildlife Offices
  4. Pest Monitoring Networks


Alberta’s rivers and lakes support a variety of fish populations and fishing opportunities. These systems are being threatened by the introduction of aquatic invasive species. These invaders come from outside Alberta or are transferred between water bodies within Alberta. They can transform entire ecosystems by out-competing native species, posing a major threat to Alberta’s biodiversity.

To report something suspicious on your boat or equipment, or for further information on aquatic invasive species call: 1-855-336-2628 (BOAT)

For all other pest and nuisance related inquiries, please contact the Ag-Info Centre at 310-FARM.