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** Residential Pick up: Please ensure all of your garbage is properly bagged before it is set out for pick-up. To protect drivers and prevent the potential spread of COVID-19, loose garbage placed in garbage bins will not be collected.**

 Red Deer County is committed to providing cost effective and efficient solid waste management services for county residents and businesses. Various programs are in place to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill through waste reduction and waste diversion. Waste transfer stations and recycling locations are situated throughout the County.

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Waste Management Facilities





Printable Map of Waste Transfer Stations

Waste Management Map 2018

Residential Garbage Collection

Residential garbage collection service is available to the hamlets of Springbrook, Spruce View, Benalto, Dickson, Markerville and the multi-lot residential subdivisions within the Red Deer County Fire District.

Collection Schedule

  • Monday: Benalto, Dickson, Markerville, and Spruce View
  • Tuesday: Balmoral Heights, Canyon Heights, Country Lane Estates, Forest Green, Herder, Joffre Bridge, Linn Valley,        McKenzie, Meadow Ridge, Oakwood Estates, Paulice Gold, Springvale Heights, Stone Ridge Estates, Westview Estates
  • Wednesday: Blindman Ridge, Bonneydale Estates, Border Ridge Estates, Broderson, Corner Gate Estates, Fleming, Green Acres, Harvey Heights, Hillside Meadows, Louis Victor, Mission Hills, Misty Ridge, Mountainview Estates, Northlane Estates, Poplar Ridge, River Country Estates, Spruce Lane Acres, Sylvan Creek Estates, Trestle Estates, Trueman, Valley Ridge, West Ridge Estates, Wolf River Estates, Woodland Hills
  • Thursday: Springbrook, Liberty Landing

Collection Regulations

**Provincial COVID-19 waste implementation - Loose waste must be bagged, including waste that is placed in collection bins. Municipal household waste may contain COVID-19 contaminated waste generated from infected person(s) self-isolating, but is not considered biomedical waste**

  • Regulations about solid waste can be found here.


Commencing September 1, 2020, Red Deer County will be participating in an Electronics Recycling Expansion Pilot Project. This will allow more eligible materials to be dropped off at the Horn Hill Waste Transfer Facility. The purpose of this two year pilot is to assess the implementation of a sustainable and expanded electronics recycling program by encouraging waste minimization in Alberta which will also support jobs and our economy during the Covid-19 recession. These materials will be residential items only, commercial and industrial items are not acceptable. 

5 categories for recycle

Horn hill recycled clean Wood Diversion Pilot Program

Our four year pilot program is to study the feasibility of how much recycled clean wood we are diverting from our landfills.

Acceptable  clean wood includes  - cannot be commingled with other waste

  • White wood: Pallets and dimensional lumber (not treated)
  • Green wood: Trees, branches, limbs, and stumps

Not acceptable wood includes

  • Treated wood
  • Painted wood

Rates for delivery of clean wood are considered reduce. This is to encourage the delivery of the loads, to be only clean wood.

Please refer to our Fee Bylaw Fee Bylaw (page 4)

Recycling Facilities

There are 7 locations throughout Red Deer County where you can recycle various materials. In addition to the Waste Transfer Stations, recycling locations that offer household recycling (paper, plastic, tin, cardboard) can be found at:

Printable Map of Recycling Facilities and Waste Transfer Stations

Additional Recycling

  • Barbed Wire: Barbed wire is accepted at the Horn Hill Waste Transfer Station year round. The barbed wire must be clean of all debris and must be tightly wound and rapped in order to be accepted. Between May 1 and September 30, Red Deer County will accept the first 50 tonne of barbed wire at Horn Hill at no cost. After the first 50 tonne, and during the remainder of the year, the going scale rate will be applied to the cost of disposal.
  • Household Hazardous Waste: The Horn Hill Waste Transfer Station has a Household Hazardous Waste Building that accepts materials year round. Acceptable household hazardous materials can be brought to the facility during normal business hours at no cost. Household hazardous waste materials only, no commercial or industrial loads will be accepted.
  • Twine: Bale twine will now be accepted at Horn Hill Waste Transfer Station, Gaetz Creek Waste Transfer Station and Yankee Flats Waste Transfer Station at no charge. Material can be placed in clearly marked bins at any of these sites during regular operating hours. Ask the site attendant for directions and for more information about the program. Twine must be free from silage wrap, net wrap, mud and other contaminants. A small amount of contaminants (less than 5% by volume) in the form of grass, hay, etc. will be accepted. This is at the sole discretion of the site attendant. Twine can be either be collected and delivered to site and dropped off in specially marked containers, or: Specially marked, clear plastic bags can be picked up at either of the three sites. These clear bags are for this program only and allow the operator to inspect the twine when the bags are brought back to the facility full.
  • Pesticide Containers: Empty agricultural based pesticide containers can be brought to the Horn Hill Waste Transfer Station, rear round; during regular operating hours at no cost. Containers must be completely empty, triple rinsed and punctured in order to be accepted.
  • Scrap Tires: Scrap tires are accepted at the Horn Hill Waste Transfer Station, Gaetz Creek Waste Transfer Station, and Yankee Flats Waste Transfer Station at no cost. Tires must be removed from the rim prior to delivery.
  • Electronic Waste: Electronic Waste is accepted at the Horn Hill Waste Transfer Station at no cost. Only items on the Alberta Recycling Management Authority electronic waste acceptable items list will be accepted under this program. Other electronic items which are not on the list can be accepted but as part of the normal waste stream at which the going scale rate will apply to the cost of disposal.
    Visit the Alberta Recycling Management Authority website for an up-to-date list of acceptable electronic items.
  • Scrap Metal, Fridges, Freezers and White Goods: These scrap metal related items are accepted at the Horn Hill Waste Transfer Station. Applicable fees will apply.
  • Yearly Household Hazardous Waste, Electronic Waste, and Paint Waste Roundup: In addition to the facilities at the Horn Hill Waste Transfer Station, a yearly roundup for household hazardous waste, electronic waste, and paint waste are conducted in various parts of the county. 

Burning Garbage

Those rural residents that decide to burn garbage should read the Fire Services Bylaw 2012/14 and contact Red Deer County Fire Services with questions at 403.343.6667. With regards to Provincial regulations, you can contact Alberta Environmental Protection at 403.340.4805, and review acceptable and unacceptable burn materials.