We all depend on ecosystem services, for things like water, air, food, shelter. 

In Red Deer County, land is privately owned. The decisions private landowners make impact the ecosystem that society depends on. 

With ALUS, farmers and ranchers can get paid to produce more ecosystem services on their land. They can be paid up to $40 acre per year.

Check out ALUS in action with these videos featuring ALUS participants from Red Deer County:

A long term partner in our ALUS Program in Red Deer County is the Alberta Conservation Association.  Find out more at

For further information on ALUS, contact Conservation Coordinator Ken Lewis or visit


Red Deer County is helping producers access funding from the CAP programs dealing with agriculture and the environment (the Farm Water Supply Program and the Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change - Producer Program).

Depending on the nature of your operation and what projects you want to do, farms and ranches could be eligible for thousands of dollars. The County assists producers in doing the planning work that is required to access these programs. This includes developing and updating Long Term Water Management Plans, Environmental Farm Plans, and CAP Work Plans.

Discover more on the CAP website at or contact Conservation Coordinator Ken Lewis