On November 16, a free webinar was held which covered native eco-buffer and shelterbelt basics, including tree selection, site prep and planting. The webinar featured guest speaker Toso Bozic, ISA Certified Arborist, and tree expert from Yard Whisperers.

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Trees give protection from wind for people and livestock, they trap snow and valuable moisture, and they provide a home and food for many wildlife species. Red Deer County has several programs that help County landowners plant more trees.

Information regarding Tree Removal on Private Property can be found under Planning and Development.

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Landowners may be eligible to apply for funding to plant trees for many purposes. The County's Conservation Coordinator, Ken Lewis, is available to help you access this funding through our ALUS program for agricultural lands, Green Acreages for acreage properties, or the 2 Billion Trees Western Coalition through the Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society.

Tree Pests & Disease

Ash Borer
Tree Pest web (2)
Tree Pest web (3)
Tree Pest web (4)
Tree Pest web (5)
Tree Pest web (10)
Tree Pest web (7)
Tree Pest web (8)
Tree Pest web (9)

Alberta Forest Pest Diagnostic System

Use this site to diagnose tree pests in Alberta. For the purpose of this diagnostic tool, the term "pest" is used for any agent that can adversely affect the health, vigour or aesthetic quality of trees. Click here to use the site.

Tree Care Videos

A great resource on general tree care, check out the latest videos from Rob Spencer and Toso Bozic.

  • Part 1: What's Wrong with My Trees - Diagnostics.  Click Here
  • Part 2: What's Wrong with My Trees - Diseases.  Click Here
  • Part 3: What's Wrong with My Trees - Insect Pests.  Click Here
  • Part 4: What's Wrong with My Trees - Physiological Issues. Click Here
  • Part 5: What's Wrong with My Trees - Fall Winter Care.  Click Here
  • Part 6: What's Wrong with My Trees - Spring and Summer.  Click Here