Economic Development

Red Deer County is located in the heart of Alberta, in close proximity to three of Western Canada’s largest and wealthiest cities. Red Deer County offers a wide range of lifestyles, industries, and opportunities. Our location along Alberta’s busiest transportation corridor offers a significant amount of opportunity for business development and investment. Red Deer County is a region with unprecedented growth. 

Digital Infrastructure for Red Deer County’s Future:
A Red Deer County initiative to provide residents and businesses with state of the art, fiber optic internet so that everyone has the same access and opportunities living and working in Red Deer County.

Red Deer County has embarked on a project to ensure our residents and business will have better access to the digital connectivity that we all need. As the world’s primary means of conducting business, creating jobs, growing the economy, enabling learning, providing health care, enhancing agriculture, protecting the environment, and understanding each other, the Internet is moving from commercial service to public utility. 

Over the next four years, Red Deer County is partnering with Valo Networks by investing in digital infrastructure so that everyone in Red Deer County can enjoy a country lifestyle and be able to thrive in a modern economy.

To support market activities, Valo has partnered with Tether Communications to collect the required access documentation that allows properties to be connected into the fiber optic infrastructure at little to no charge to property owner. 

To stay up to date on the progress of this project, visit

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On July 25, 2023, Red Deer County adopted a new Economic Development Strategy that will last until 2030. The Strategy focuses on three main pillars for the economic future of Red Deer County: regional collaboration, local and global industry opportunities, and destination development. A summary of the Economic Development Strategy can be found here.

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