Better broadband internet is coming to Red Deer County

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Over the next four years, Red Deer County is partnering with Valo Networks to construct an end-to-end fiber optic network throughout the County. Our objective is to provide service coverage to as many rural residents and businesses as possible. We acknowledge that state of the art fiber optic internet is essential to learn, teach, access information, create jobs and diversify our economy.

This essential infrastructure will be leveraged to connect residents, farms and businesses throughout the County, encouraging healthy competition from internet service providers, leading to improved service levels and lower costs for our residents and businesses. Additionally, this will allow us to support innovation and advanced services over time, benefitting the entire County.

Red Deer County is asking residents, businesses and institutions to participate in our online research questionnaires called the Red Deer County eHousehold Checkup and the Red Deer County eBusiness Checkup. This feedback will assist in gathering essential information, ensuring the digital infrastructure we are deploying will benefit every citizen, business and community in Red Deer County. Red Deer County is partnering with Strategic Networks Group to conduct this research over a 4-week period in July/August of 2021.

We invite everyone in Red Deer County to visit our website at to stay informed about this project and how to access the online Red Deer County eHousehold and eBusiness Checkups. 

Your voice counts. Please take the opportunity to help shape this project by sharing your opinions with us. 

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*Approximate value $600


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