Water Wells & Septic Systems

Water Wells

Regular maintenance of your well is recommended to ensure continued safety of your water and to monitor for the presence of contaminants. Wells should be checked and tested annually for mechanical problems, cleanliness and contaminants. Well water should be tested more than once a year or when a change in taste, odor or appearance of the water is noticed. 

For information on Private Well codes, setbacks and regulations, or to file a complaint, please contact Red Deer County at 403.350.2170.

Working Well Workshops

Private water well owners in Alberta are responsible for managing and maintaining their water wells. The Working Well program provides well owners with the information and tools they need to properly care for their wells. Red Deer County hosts Working Well Workshops in late fall through early Spring. For more information on upcoming workshops, or to have your name put on a waitlist, please contact Agricultural Inspections Coordinator Tori Muntean at 403.350.2162 or by email tmuntean@rdcounty.ca.

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Safe Water Wells Program - Wells that are no longer being used are a serious public safety and environmental hazard. Help protect our aquifers and water supply by plugging old wells, you’ll be keeping your water supply safe! Up to $1,000 is available to help you plug unused and abandoned wells by way of the Red Deer County Agriculture Service Board Safe Water Wells Program.

ALUS - For wells used as an alternative watering source for livestock (no creeks, rivers, wetlands, etc.), visit our ALUS Page.

S-CAP - The Water Program assists primary producers in enhancing agricultural water management for continued growth and long-term success of the agriculture industry.

Septic Systems

For information on Private Sewage codes and regulations, or to file a complaint regarding Private Sewage practices, please contact Red Deer County by phone at 403.350.2170 or by email at inspections@rdcounty.ca.

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