City of Red Deer – Proposed Annexation

On February 25, 2022, County Administration received a formal Notice of Intent to Annex Land from the City of Red Deer. The Notice outlines the City’s intent to annex 137.38 ha (339.47 acres) west of Hwy 2 and north of Hwy 11A and also includes the City’s proposed program for landowner and public consultation.

On March 22, 2022 Red Deer County Council approved in principle the City of Red Deer’s proposed annexation, pursuant to the proposed process for negotiation and consultation as presented by the City of Red Deer in its formal notice of intent to annex lands from the County.

If you are affected by this annexation and would like more information, please click on the following link to the City of Red Deer’s website which provides all the details on the proposed annexation and next steps as well as opportunities for public input.