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Division 1 - Reimbursements for Recreation and Culture

  1. If you are a Red Deer County Division 1 resident, you are eligible to apply for reimbursement for recreation and culture activities and/or events.

    Reimbursements are for 50% of the cost of a recreation or culture activity/event, up to $100 per person, per family.

    Some examples of eligible recreation activities and events include but are not limited to:
    - Sporting equipment (ie. hockey skates)
    - Registration fees or ticket costs (ie. tickets to a theatre performance)
    - Classes or fitness programs (ie. yoga, kickboxing, art class)
    - Skill development (ie. knitting or quilting)
    - Sportsmanship (ie. referee clinic, babysitting course, first aid)

    Priority for reimbursements will be for recreation and culture activities that occur within Red Deer County and the municipalities therein.
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