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Recreation and Culture Grant - Final Report

  1. Event Summary

    As a requirement of receiving funds from the Recreation & Culture Board, successful applicants need to submit their final report, no later than 3 weeks after the completion of their event. If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact  

  2. Recreation & Culture Board(s) Which Funded This Event
  3. Did you find the application process to be user friendly?
  4. For Example:
    Food: $1029.00
    Hall Rental: $500.00
    DJ: $250.00

    Total: $1779.00

    For organizations that have received a grant, you are not required, at this time to submit your receipts.  Red Deer County does, however, reserve the right to request receipts/proof of purchase for any funds spent through Recreation & Culture Grants. 

  5. Have you spent all the funds provided?
  6. Unspent funds must be used towards Recreation and Cultural programs or events.  You may not spend these funds until you have received written permission from the Recreation & Culture Board which the funds were drawn from. 

  7. These may be presented to council or featured in the County News. 

  8. These pictures may be presented to council or featured in the County News. 

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