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Red Deer County Recreation & Culture Grant Application (2022)

  1. Grant Information

    Groups and Organizations operating within Red Deer County are eligible to apply to their Recreation & Culture Board(s) for funding community events and activities. Activities funded are meant to be utilized to provide Recreation, Social, or Cultural programming.

    Successful grant applicant(s) will be required to submit a final report following the completion of their event. 

    Eligible projects/events could include

    • Community Christmas or Holiday Gatherings
    • Community Barbeque or Block Parties
    • Group booking at a recreation facility for the community
    • Group admission or transportation to a theatrical performance
    • Uniforms for a local slow-pitch club

    Ineligible projects/events would include

    • Programs/events which do not serve residents of the division
    • Capital funding for buildings or large equipment purchases (other grants are available)
    • For further information on specific eligibility, please contact 



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  7. Have you applied for funding to any other Red Deer County Division Recreation & Culture Board?*
  8. Have you applied for funding to any other Red Deer County department?*
  9. Was your application for funding successful?
  10. Have you received this grant before?*
  11. Are you receiving financial support from any other source?*

  13. (i.e., Logo on brochure, social media shout out, etc.) Recognition is not always required for smaller events/programs, however programs/events requesting above $1000.00 should consider how the contribution will be recognized. 

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